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Sol Yanim Review & Subtitle in English – Episode 1

Sol Yanım
Sol Yanım
Sol Yanim is going on air on Saturday night instead of the iyi gunde kotu gunde. With the end of the series on good and bad days, from Saturday, a new series on Fox TV will replace it, which has a bit of the scent of summer series. The name of this series is on my left (Sol Yanim).

Director & Script Writer:

Sol Yanim Dizi - Official Poster

Sol Yanim Dizi – Official Poster

Sol Yanim Dizi - Official Photo

Sol Yanim Dizi – Official Photo

  Sol Yanim Characters List is Here, Click to Watch and Know them It is directed by the author of Luxury Love, Serdar Kozlekli, and, more importantly, by Melissa Jewlek, who wrote The Forbidden Apple in her most successful days. At first glance, the photos and images that have been published, we can see that we are facing a new generation of young stars and, of course, future celebrities in the field of advertising and entertainment in general.   On the one hand, ouzeh Ya’iz, the actor of the series Yamin, or Qasm or Soghand, on the other hand, do not miss the role of the new bride, and leave Jamra Baisel from Ramo, along with Dafneh Samili and Jansel Alchin, together.   The story goes back to the secrets of a family named Kotlusoy and the secrets of a mother-daughter who now, after their luxury life, intends to get used to their small life in the neighborhood. On the one hand, Sara or Ozge Yaooz live in his simple life, but on the other hand, Salim plays the heir of the family, the heir of the family, and sinks in an extraordinary wealth.


Sucsessful Future for The fist Episode of Sol Yanim:

Now what is missing for a successful series? That love should be aligned by accident, or perhaps, conversely, that knots should be made that, with the opening of each of these knots, new secrets may be revealed. So expect stunning places, enviable cars and clothes in line with the latest autumn fashion from this week, which with the play of young stars can be the important fortune of this season of Turkish serials.  
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