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Aghazadeh Part 23

Aghazadeh Part 23

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Tina chases her father away. Her father tells her: With sighs and moans that you are not satisfied, please let us go together. Where are you sending me with this hot and this strange money? I’m scared. I’m worried. “I have a series of accounts to do,” says Tina. The father says: Come, all this money is yours. Let’s clear your account. “I wish all my pain was money,” says Tina. You go I come. do not worry. Tina leaves her father. Nozar looks at them across the street.

Bahrami goes to Tina’s house. Tina tells him: You trampled on my sister’s blood. You always defended them. Bahrami says: Was there another option? The Minister of State should not be executed. His pardon had been issued before this high court. “But I will take revenge,” says Tina. You still do not know me ‌. I have all the evidence from them.

Bahrami says: Maybe I did not know you yet, but you were always important to me. I do not want to hurt you. “But I do my own thing,” says Tina. Bahrami says: Mixment. Tina says: If you are not with me, at least not with them. Do not do anything for them. Tina walks over to Sarah and remembers that Sarah wants to get closer to Razia. Tina is not satisfied but Sarah keeps insisting and says: When you are worried, it means there is a problem. I also want everything to be right. By God, this new sea has trusted me. Take Razia to a guest who is not Nima. I will be friends with him there. Leave it to me.

Sara comes out of Razia’s house. She calls Tina and goes to her house. The story is at the point where Nima has threatened to show Razia’s videos and photos. Sara tells Razia and Bahrami that Razia loves Hamed And does not intend to fall short. Sara tells them that Nima is doing a lot and someone has to stop Nima. Bahrami says I am talking to Bahri. Only he can stop Nima.

After Razia’s photos are leaked, Sara fights with Bahri and says: What is this poor girl who has committed a crime that should be handcuffed in people’s phones? Then you and Gohat’s son do whatever you want and no one knows about it. I have a document. Bahri slaps Sara hard in the ear and says: Last time, you are talking bigger than your mouth. The day you came here, I told you that you hear a thousand words and you see a thousand things. You must be deaf and blind. You said eyes. Sara cries: Are you sure you went to war for honor !?

Sarah goes to Tina’s house. Tina says: I did not tell you not to enter this game. “This is no longer a dirty game,” says Sarah. Bahri does not answer Sarah’s phone. Tina calls Bahrami and Bahrami gives him the sea statistics. Sarah and Tina are at Navy House. Sarah is packing her bags.

He gives Tina an arrow containing the evidence he has gathered against Bahri. Bahri arrives and Tina comes out from behind. Bahri and Sara fight and Sara is killed while Tina is sitting outside in the car and hears the sound of gunshots. She calls Sarah but she does not answer. Some time later, he sees Sarah taking out her body. Nima suspends her complaint against Razia until Razia is released from prison. Tina follows him and takes him to the place where Shahnam wanted. Razia does not want to get in Tina’s car. Tina says: Wait, let me see. Who did you think would get you out of jail? Hamed ? come and sit. I have a card.

Tina talks to Razia to persuade her to return to Nima. While Nima listens to them with Bahrami’s phone and when she sees that Razieh is not willing to give up on Hamed, she sends a message to Tina to take him to Shahnam. On the way to Razia, Tina explains that Sara was his sister and was killed because of Razia. Razia says: Are you not afraid to tell me this?

Tina smiles bitterly and says: You do not tell anyone. Tina takes Razia to Shahnam. Shahnam takes Tina’s car switch from her. After Tina leaves, Shahnam locks Tina in the car and presses Razia with the car in the machine. Tina returns home with a guilty conscience ‌ and starts playing the piano. Bahrami gives him a blue glass.

Tina says: What if they find my car license plate? Bahrami gives him a piece of paper and says: “A week ago, we announced the disappearance of the car.” There is no trace of you in the story.

Two days later, Hamed finds out that Razia has been released from prison. He calls Sharifa and asks that Razia did not come home? Sharifa tells Haj Reza: Hamed was the one who said that Razia was released. Two days! Hamed starts the search to find Razia and finds Tina’s license plate in the cameras. He goes to Tina’s house and Tina says that her car was stolen two weeks ago. Hamed goes to consciousness and reports Razieh’s disappearance.

He goes to the prison and asks Nima about Razia and says: Why did you suspend your complaint?

Nima says: I complained to him that I did not come here. What difference does it make now? He was punished enough. If he did not go home, he might have gone to the house I took him to. He had the key to my house.

He was coming there. Maybe he went there. Hamed says: Doesn’t being a bitch bother you so much? Nima says: Not me, but it seems that he is bothering you. Hamed goes angry and Nima says with a laugh: Haji son!

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